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KidzWish Foundation 1300 785 213

Join the “love and laughter” club!

KidzWish is a children’s charity about real families with real challenges. Our mission is to be the best charity at delivering programs focusing on raising children up to more than they can be through support, love and laughter.

By supporting our work on a monthly basis, you help us ensure we can always be there for the Children we care for, as well as plan for the future. 

We draw three raffles every year, each with a fantastic car prize which retails around $18,000 and each with a special “Love and Laughter” prize for our monthly supporters – a $2,500 visa card!

PLUS, if you can support with at least $20 per month, you’ll also go into the book-buyers draw to win an additional $2,500 cash prize every raffle!*

Sign up below to join our “Love and Laughter” club. You can cancel anytime.

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