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Raffle Privacy Policy
To support our work with young people The KidzWish Foundation Inc collects your personal information at, in person and on the phone to sell you raffle entries and to administer your participation in draws for prizes together with lottery manager InsightCFS ( Please click here to read Insight’s Data Security Policy. Banks, mail house and other suppliers including InsightCFS receive your information in order to provide these services. If you do not provide contact information we may not be able to include you in the draw for prizes. Information is not sent overseas. Contact us if you have any questions; 1300 365 896 If you would prefer that we do not contact you regarding the raffle, if you wish to see or correct the personal information we hold about you or have a complaint please call us on 1300 785 213 or email

For information about privacy in relation to KidzWish’s general activities outside this policy, please see their privacy policy.

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